Family Law

We assist clients in dealing with some of life’s most difficult family law matters. The VIDHI’S family law team offers a unique blend of honesty, objectivity, creativity, discretion, common sense, and compassion, backed by decades of experience in the most personal of legal practices. Our areas of family law counsel include:
» Dissolution of marriage or legal separation
» Complex financial issues and asset valuation
» Modification of existing court orders
» Harassment Restraining Orders and Orders for Protection
» Cohabitation agreements
» Antenuptial and postnuptial agreements
» Stepparent adoption
» Hague Convention Wrongful Removal or Retaining of Children
» Child support proceedings
» Paternity actions
» Establishment of custody and parenting time
» Third-party custody proceedings
» Family Law appeals

Indian civil law is complex, with each religion having its own specific law which they adhere to.

After independence Indian laws have adapted to the changing world.
The most recent being the domestic violence act 2005.
The Vidhi is distinctive among full-service law firms for its nationally recognized family law practice.
Clients gain access to a wider perspective and in-depth resources to address related, sophisticated legal issues in business, trusts and estates, tax law, real property, retirement, and other employee benefits. The Vidhi attorneys have extensive experience managing complex financial questions related to identifying marital and non-marital property, and to valuing businesses, professional practices, intellectual property, and spousal maintenance.

Prominent in Capital of India

The Vidhi has resolved family law issues and have become known at the local, state, and national levels for developing and interpreting Indian family law. Individually and collectively, our family law attorneys are endorsed by the legal community, which in turn adds to our effectiveness in dispute resolution.
The Vidhi’s attorneys are able to serve in a variety of ADR processes. An experienced neutral can assist the parties in reaching a cooperative and amicable result in their own case, making the process more affordable and economical


i) Matrimonial disputes: Matrimonial disputes under the Indian legal system are very complicated and cumbersome and one needs of highly qualified family and guardianship lawyer. It requires a comprehensive understanding of the entire law which may affect the matrimonial disputes in any manner. Since the matrimonial disputes have very wide ranging effects on the spouse, one needs the services of highly trained and qualified Indian family and guardianship lawyer to handle the matrimonial disputes. The matrimonial disputes may be due to any reason but it culminates into civil as well as criminal proceedings. The civil proceedings in the matrimonial disputes are the proceedings for grant of divorce, permanent alimony, maintenance, restitution of conjugal rights etc. whereas the criminal proceedings in matrimonial disputes can be proceedings under the anti dowry laws for prosecution of the husband under Section 498A, 406 IPC. Proceedings under section 125 of Crpc , proceedings under the Domestic Violence Act etc. We provide highly qualified Indian family and guardianship lawyers for all such services.

ii) Custody of child matters: The disputes for the custody of child are in fact a spill over of the matrimonial dispute. Such matters are contested under the Indian Guardianship and Wards Act. Such cases also involve the Indian Succession Act sometimes and need the services of highly qualified Indian family and guardianship lawyer who can handle such matters effectively.

iii) Family settlements: Family settlements over various aspects covering the assets and properties of the family require the services of highly qualified Indian family and guardianship lawyer who can comprehend all the possible disputes over the properties and accordingly handle the matters for settlements of all such disputes

iv) Visitation rights: Services for launching and contesting the custody of child cases which are based on the visitation rights and the interim custody of the child by father or the mother as the case may be.

v) Divorce matters: Indian family and guardianship lawyer at our law firm handle all such cases related to divorce on the grounds of cruelty, adultery, impotency, desertion etc. We provide all services with full confidence on the issues related to divorce matters in India.


The field of family and guardianship law is a very important field of practice in India. It covers various kinds of family and matrimonial disputes which relate to adoptions, family partitions, successions, probates, wills, gifts, family disputes, family settlements, inheritance. Our Indian family and guardianship lawyer handle all kinds of family disputes over inheritance, family dispute over wills, family dispute over property and all kinds of family injunctions. One needs the highly specialized services of Indian family and guardianship lawyer of launching and defending all such matters with precision.

Another important field of legal services is in the area of matrimonial disputes which includes the subject of divorce, maintenance, restitution, judicial separations, permanent alimony. The Indian family and guardianship lawyers at our law firm provide all kinds of services related to advice in the fields of matrimonial disputes. We provide all kinds of services pertaining to launching and defending all kinds of litigation, cases of divorce, maintenance, restitution of conjugal rights, judicial separation, cruelty, adultery etc. before Indian matrimonial courts. We also provide representation before the matrimonial and divorce courts. Most of the litigation related to the matrimonial dispute is under the Hindu Marriage Act 1955. Hindu Marriage Act India covers all kinds of matrimonial disputes of Hindu families and covers the topics related to judicial separation, cruelty, adultery, divorce, restitution of conjugal rights. All the process of Hindu Marriage Act annulment of the Hindu marriage is covered under such cases. The cases under Hindus Marriage Act Section 13 and Hindus Marriage Act Section 9 are most commonly contested before the matrimonial or family courts.

Indian Family law also covers the field of family partitions, family settlements, and probate proceedings for issuance of letter of administration. Probate law covers the aspects of distribution of the estate of the family through probate of a will or through issuance of letter of administration with will annexed. The probate proceedings are conducted through highly trained Indian probate lawyers who are well versed with the probate procedure leading to the issuance of letter of administration. It is an import process for inheritance of the family property in Hindu Succession Act.

The matters related to maintenance, alimony, permanent alimony to the spouse are also covered under the Hindu Succession Act and our Indian advocates deal with all such matters related to grant of permanent alimony under the Hindu Succession Act.
The services provided by our expert Indian family and guardianship lawyer include the various fields of laws related to the Guardianship matters, Adoptions, Custody of the minor child, visitation rights, and welfare of the child. All matrimonial disputes of criminal & civil nature involving criminal trial, bails, custody, remand- criminal cases anti dowry act cases, crime against women cases .